This is the joint website of  Women Against Rape and Black Women's Rape Action Project. Both organisations are based on self-help and provide support, legal information and advocacy. We campaign for justice and protection for all women and girls, including asylum seekers, who have suffered sexual, domestic and/or racist violence.

WAR was founded in 1976. It has won changes in the law, such as making rape in marriage a crime, set legal precedents and achieved compensation for many women. BWRAP was founded in 1991. It focuses on getting justice for women of colour, bringing out the particular discrimination they face. It has prevented the deportation of many rape survivors. Both organisations are multiracial.




Women Against Rape

Grassroots multi-racial women's group founded in 1976. Offers counselling, support, legal advocacy and information to women and girls who have been raped or sexually assaulted.

Complaint re 9 Oct Loose Women TV Programme

Dear Loose Women

I am absolutely disgusted by Loose Women’s interview with Paul Fensome on 9 October. The programme was presented by four women and its audience is mainly women, but this interview undermined women. It was out of touch and lacked balance.

There are four main reasons why I strongly object to the way the issue was handled.


Stop Jailing Rape Victims - Workshop

18 October 5.00pm – 6.00pm

Stop Jailing Rape Victims

Reporting violence or defending yourself can land you in prison. Gail Sherwood and Layla Ibrahim were attacked by strangers; accused of lying after a biased police investigation they were jailed for two and three years. Rhiannon Brooker, mother of a 10-month-old baby, was jailed for 3 ½ years in June. In the US Charmaine Pfender is serving life for killing her rapist. Over 50% of women in UK prisons have suffered domestic violence; 33% sexual violence. Campaign with Women Against Rape to end these miscarriages of justice.

Anarchist Bookfair Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Road, London E1 4NS, Room 241 (2nd floor)



Court rejects call for woman’s jail term over false rape claims to be increased

In the Media

Solicitor general, Robert Buckland QC, said sentence of Rhiannon Brooker was unduly lenient, but court of appeal disagrees

Steven Morris

The Guardian, Thursday 25 September 2014 18.19 BST
Rhiannon Brooker, whose jail term will not be increased Photograph: Adrian Sherratt for the Guardian

The solicitor general has been criticised for asking a court to increase a three-and-a-half-year jail term imposed on a trainee barrister and new mother convicted of falsely accusing her former boyfriend of a series of rapes and assaults.


Rhiannon Brooker – WAR welcomes Appeal Court refusal to increase sentence.

In the Media

Rhiannon Brooker was sentenced in June to 3½ years in prison after reporting rape and domestic violence. She was separated from her 10-month-old baby who was still breast-feeding and is now traumatised.

Rhiannon was disbelieved and prosecuted for perverting the course of justice with more vigour and resources than we ever see used against our violent attackers. Like many other women who end up in jail, she is also a survivor of childhood rape.

On 25 September 2014, the Court of Appeal heard a biased and malicious application from the CPS and the Attorney General for an even longer sentence and rejected it. They rightly took into account the damage caused by imprisonment to mother and child.


Report of visit to Romania by WAR

p1090692.jpgIn April, Women Against Rape was invited to Romania to take part in a weekend of workshops organised by a women’s group in Bucharest called Sprijin Dupa Viol – Support After Rape. Two of us went. It was our first time in Romania, and we were very excited to be meeting an anti-rape organisation there.

Women involved in the group have in the past co-organised Slutwalk Bucharest and demonstrations demanding protection orders for women experiencing domestic violence (similar to a UK restraining order). They told us that there are very few organisations supporting women who have suffered rape and domestic violence - in particular in cases of sexual violence, the resources are extremely scarce.


Shireen’s law: Victory in sight for campaign to remove time limit on domestic violence prosecutions

 Nigel Sutton.

Shireen Jamil. Picture: Nigel Sutton.

Thursday, September 11, 2014
9:34 AM

An historic change in the law to abolish a time limit on prosecuting cases of domestic violence is set to be considered by the government as a result of a campaign by a Hampstead mother.


Child Rape in Rotherham: Questions rape survivors, parents and the general public want answers to

By Women Against Rape

Submitted to the Home Affairs Committee on 9 September. We have received no substantial reply so far.

The Report by Dr Alexis Jay issued in August 2014, raises more questions than it answers. Unless these questions are asked and answered now, this will amount to a further cover up.


Sign to support rape survivors

We urge you to sign our petition below to stop rape survivors being blamed and even criminalised. The events in Rotherham show, once again, how urgent this is. While the rapists were not investigated and most are still at large, the girls were blamed and trashed, even arrested for being drunk. You may also have seen The Independent reported that ‘The proportion of rape cases referred by police for prosecution is at its lowest level since records began . . .’


UPDATE - court ruling soon on domestic violence challenge to benefit cap

Court ruling expected soon on domestic violence challenge to the total Benefit Cap

On Tuesday 29 April, Women Against Rape and others held a vigil outside the UK Supreme Court in Parliament Square, to support the legal challenge to the government’s “total Benefit Cap”. The Cap, which limits a family’s total benefit to £500 per week, including rent and Child Benefit, traps women and children in violent relationships – a violent man in waged work is not capped, but the woman who leaves him, is. We went in to monitor the case, and anxiously await the outcome – the ruling is expected soon.

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