This is the joint website of  Women Against Rape and Black Women's Rape Action Project. Both organisations are based on self-help and provide support, legal information and advocacy. We campaign for justice and protection for all women and girls, including asylum seekers, who have suffered sexual, domestic and/or racist violence.

WAR was founded in 1976. It has won changes in the law, such as making rape in marriage a crime, set legal precedents and achieved compensation for many women. BWRAP was founded in 1991. It focuses on getting justice for women of colour, bringing out the particular discrimination they face. It has prevented the deportation of many rape survivors. Both organisations are multiracial.





No reprisals against women in detention who give evidence to parliamentarians of rape and sexual abuse in Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre.

Women currently held in Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre who want to give evidence to Members of Parliament from the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee about rape and sexual abuse by guards, have issued a set of demands to protect themselves from reprisals. Ms N commented: "It takes a lot of courage to complain about abuse knowing that your life is in the hands of the person you are accusing.”


Submission to Home Affairs Comittee re Investigation into rape and sexual and other abuse in Yarl's Wood IRC

 Keith Vaz MP,
Chair, Home Affairs Committee
House of Commons
7 Millbank, London SW1P 3JA

18 June 2014

Dear Keith Vaz,

Re Investigation into rape and sexual and other abuse in Yarl's Wood IRC



Tues 24 June, Grimond Room, Portcullis House

Multinationals Serco and G4S are being questioned today at 4pm by the Home Affairs Committee about their running of Immigration Detention Centres. High on the agenda must be what Keith Vaz, chair of the Committee called “shocking revelations” of rape and sexual assault in Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre which is run by Serco.

Women who have been held in Yarl’s Wood, some of whom who have been victims of the abuse or witnessed it are attending the hearing to call for the Committee to hear their testimony. They and women currently in Yarl’s Wood are available for interview.

Black Women’s Rape Action Project
Women Against Rape
Tel: 020 7482 2496


Rape Survivors Protest at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict

Thursday 12 June 2014, 1.30 pm in the ExCel Centre
One Western Gateway, Royal Victoria Dock, London E16 1XL

We call on Angelina Jolie to meet rape survivors in Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre and defend their right to protection in the UK.

To interview rape survivors call Black Women Rape Action Project and Women Against Rape: 020 7482 2496.


15 June - Day of Action - Close detention centres!

spainlogo_22.thumbnail.jpg70% of women who contact us from Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre are rape survivors often from war and conflict zones. They’re often locked up in conditions reminiscent of those they fled, denied lawyers and other expert support. Some have bravely spoken out about sexual assault by guards. That’s why we’re endorsing this protest.


Victory against homophobic deportation!

Ruth Mubiru, a lesbian woman who feared persecution if she was returned to her home country of Uganda, was today given full refugee status at her appeal hearing.

Ms Mubiru called from Yarl’s Wood Removal Centre, where she had been detained for the last few weeks, as soon as she was told by the judge of his decision. She was delighted and relieved and looking forward to being released.


Launch of new and updated Self-help Guide for Asylum Seekers and their Supporters

From Legal Action for Women

6pm Thursday 27 June 2013

Crossroads Women's Centre
25 Wolsey Mews, London NW5 2DX

Launch of new and updated


Cristel Amiss
, Black Women’s Rape Action Project
Liz Cross, North London Asylum Seeker Drop-In
Maurine Mahoro, All African Women’s Group
Ronan Toal, Garden Court Chambers


Out of the frying pan ... how Britain lets down its most vulnerable migrants

In the Media

alanwhite.pngAlan White details the failure of the UK Border Agency to help Margaret Nambi, and many others like her.

Unreported Britain.



Yarl's Wood detention centre. Photograph: Getty Images

Margaret Nambi tells me why she left Uganda. She was at home with her husband and children when the soldiers burst in.


Asylum from Rape Bulletin November 2012

Margaret Nambi released from detention!

Great news and thanks to all those who wrote to support Ms Nambi. She was released from Yarl’s Wood Immigration and Removal Centre last Wednesday.

Ms Nambi suffered gang rape by soldiers in Uganda in 2001 and fled to the UK (see New Statesman for more info). Because of the stigma and discrimination faced by rape survivors, when she claimed asylum she was unable to speak about what she had suffered. She only reported being raped to the authorities after receiving support from WAR. We worked closely with Ms Nambi’s lawyer on her fresh claim ensuring that information about the rape was included and provided expert evidence to counter claims that a delay in reporting rape indicates a lack of credibility.

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