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US Government and Pentagon Sanctioning of Abuses

International News

The following are excerpts from a paper by Rev. Dorothy Mackey, former US Air Force Captain and Commander who herself suffered rape and sexual assault while a serving officer, at the hands of her colonel and lieutenant colonel. Neither was ever prosecuted. The US Justice Department attorney on appeal stated that they “could not bring this case to trial for national security reasons; to do so would be contrary to good order, morale and discipline in the military.”

May 11, 2004
SUBJECT: US Government and Pentagon Sanctioning of Abuses; Rapes and Abuses; Physical, Psychological, Mental, Emotional, Sexual Abuses and revictimization.

To Whom It May Concern:

I do not glibly write this letter knowing the firestorm it may cause. I write this letter for all people who have been abused globally by the US:
To those who have welcomed me; when all they saw from US military was rape, beatings and murder of their loved ones.
To those who fed me; when all they witnessed from US military and its leadership was personal and cultural humiliation.
To those who shared with me their anguish and disbelief that the US government would never condone these crimes against humanity; when all they experienced from the US Department of State was lies and dismissal.

I am a former US military Commander of seven years and as a captain, I counseled military men and women and family members who suffered from sexual, emotional, psychological, physical and mental abuses. In numerous units, commands and increased positions of responsibilities, I was expected to work closely with professional civilian and some competent military professionals in determining the long-term care treatment and counseling avenues of my personnel. My recommendations as a commander dealing with traumatized and troubled personnel were always recognized, honored and implemented. I have observed, and continued to recognize then and now, the same patterns and symptoms of survivors and have drawn from my military training about the ongoing abuses without accountability continuing in our uniformed services. Currently, as Executive Director of STAAAMP, Inc., I have spoken with well over 4,300 US military personnel, federal civil servants and civilians and thousands of foreign citizens abused by US military personnel.

Let me begin by sharing some basic historical facts concerning US military abuses. They are wide spread and involve all populations to include civilians (US and foreign), civilian federal employees, military, reservist, spouses and children.

- With over 4,300 clients in the US and thousands overseas….abuse victims span 5 decades going back to WWII. All these clients have spoken with me in which they have sought Congressional, military and legal assistance to bring to justice their assailants. No help has come from US leadership. Of all 4,300 cases, only 3 have been prosecuted. Even with overwhelming evidence these assailants were given minor punishments for serious crimes; such as 2 months in jail for child rape, 2 yrs 8 months for rape of a military woman, adultery and fraternization rather then charged as a serial rapists of 4 military women.

- In 1991-1992 – The Navy’s Tailhook Scandal in Las Vegas in which the Navy elite aviators including the Navy’s senior most Admirals and DOD officials were involved in the sexual assault of 83 women, most were civilians. Not one of these sexual assaults resulted in criminal charges but instead the militaries equivalent of a traffic ticket known as a Captain’s Mast which under US Code 552a is invisible to FBI and local law enforcement background checks. This scandal produced a “zero tolerance policy” which appeared to put in place a zero tolerance of sexual misconduct by all military personnel towards others within the US military.

However, since this time;

- No less then 17 major military sexual scandals have occurred in which no serious criminal conduct has been prosecuted or resulted in full accountability of military leadership and assailants.

- Pentagon’s Permission to Rape and Keep Rapist in the Military Policy. Between the mid 1980’s and the mid 1990’s Lt. Colonel Charles P. McDowell with the permission of the Pentagon and US Government put together a checklist of 57 questions & weighted score sheet. McDowell a military criminal investigator (expert in murder) taught these techniques to other military and civilian criminal investigators. The purpose of the checklist-- to throw out rape victims legitimate testimony and keep rapists and sexual assailants in the US military. (see attached info) Despite providing this to US Congresspersons and Senators NO ONE in D.C. wants to fully disclose the facts of McDowell’s work.

- March 2003, a member of the DOD legal counsel called and confirmed the use of McDowell’s work, however notes, both McDowell and his work (rape checklist permission to rape) had been discontinued.

- However, in 2000 and 2001, respectively, McDowell still worked for the Pentagon McDowell as Program Director oversaw development of policies for the DOD Inspector General.

- Reported Statistics from the Veterans Administration over 200,000 US military women have been sexually harassed 79%, hazed and 30% raped by their own US military male counterparts; 60,000 East Asian Pacific civilians from Okinawa, Philippines, Korea, Japan, Thailand have been sexually harassed, raped, brutalized and murdered with virtually no accountability by US military men. In fact it has been standard operating procedure of the US military when one of their own personnel abuse, rape or murder a foreigner to place them (assailant) on an airplane and send them not to prison but to the next assignment without accountability. Of the military men being raped by their own; the VA reports 98% of all rapes within the military male-on-male are committed by heterosexual to heterosexual. Actual numbers are not obtainable because both the US military and Veterans Administration will not document these cases accurately, however, a male rapists of other males will rape 250 men before they are caught.

- In 1997, five military spouses and partners were murdered at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky before officials did anything to stop the abuse within domestic violence and in 2003, again, Ft. Bragg, North Carolina 5 military spouses and partners are murdered.

- Immunity Laws: When the US military refuses to hold their own military members accountable for violations of law, and the victim or their family has exhausted the US military chain of command up to and including the US President, only then can they gain access to the US Courts. There are 5 immunity laws on the US books and with the assistance of the US Justice Department the military perpetrator and or the leadership who refused to intervene to protect the abused, gets immunity. These laws are the Feres Doctrine, the Bivens Doctrine, Intra-military Immunity, Title VII, and US Code 552a.

- There are numerous cases of rape, torture and abuse that are contrary to US military law, federal law and international laws. And, yet there are 5 precedence cases on US law books in which the US military sexual predators and/or the leadership failed to provide protection. With the direct assistance of US Department of Justice attorneys, US Courts and these 5 immunity laws the assailants were given immunity and freedom. Of the 5 military women whose cases are cited 3 of the 5 are now dead as a direct result of the crimes and abuses committed against them; two were driven through retaliation to their deaths (psychologically murdered), the 3rd stalked and murdered after repeated and ignored pleas for help from her command. [Note A]

- Letter dated March 2004, from US Army Europe, General B.B. Bell’s letter notes “sexual assault is the second most-reported felony in the Army in Europe.” This is occurring because of the overt hostile environment that is allowed to exist. (see Iowa Study)

- Conduct Unbecoming; List of General officers who have had forced spouses and employees into relationships, sexual misconduct, or established a hostile environment in which the (Generals) were awarded retirement rather then criminal charges. STAAAMP, Inc. knows of over 40 US military General’s, Admirals and Colonel’s who have been provided immunity by US Courts or their own system (retirement) after serious criminal conduct. (list is available upon request).

- US Women’s Congress Caucus of the United States Letter to Sec. of Defense Rumsfeld. March 31, 2004 in which the letter notes that 18 Task Force studies (currently the 19th Task Force) have been completed in the last 16 years on sexual misconduct in the US military and without exception, no recommendations have been adopted even in lieu of the Zero Tolerance Policy.

- In Feb 2004 the Department of Defense stated that between 1950 and 2000 rapes have been cut in half……

- 1997 Justice Department Veterans in Prison Report,
· 1 of 3, 33% US military men are in military prisons for sexual assault;
· the number one reason for veterans to be in prison at the state, federal or local level is for sexual assault. Veterans are in civilian prisons at a level significantly higher then their civilian counterparts for sexual assault 25.70% v. 10.70%. Well over double the amount of civilians for sexual assault.

- The allowances for military criminal conduct to go selectively prosecuted, crimes allowed to occur, sanctioned and protected has serious and grave consequences to civilians US and foreign. The following is a short list of former US military or children of military.

- Rapes and abuses of at least 120 US military women by our own US military men in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan most of the victims have been charged with crimes, threatened, forced to leave service or have been retaliated against by the higher chain of command. There has been little or no prosecutions of the rapist who still for the most part remain in the field with already abused Iraqi, Kuwait and Afghani people.

However, it is my belief based on numerous aspects of these crimes (School of the Americas) the US military and government has an unwritten policy of rape, torture and criminal miss conduct that is used to further US global interests. These abuses are used to undercut the potential of other nations’ resources and enslave through abuses other other nations’ people, financial and political potential. These interests are a wanton disregard to other nation’s rights for self-evolution and self-determination.

Military laws and federal US laws while often discussed as being leading models of democracy are used selectively throughout the US military to give the public impression of equal accountability; rather it is a system of unequal protection. Many military criminals to include senior military leaders, rapists and abusers have been given protection within the military and by US courts and officials. These protections are compoundingly dangerous to US citizens, military and global populations in personal, community and national security. It is my belief that the US must be held accountable equally to all laws that the US holds all nations to. Failure to do so is a disregard of our place as a global neighbor and attempts to place the US as global master.

I will gladly provide you with any information to understand and experience the catastrophic and systemic failures of these government and military systems in the hopes of re-guiding them into honorable pursuits. If you have any questions for me or would like me to do a presentation please feel free to contact me at (937) 879-9304 or 2568.


Reverend Dorothy Mackey, Exec. Director, STAAAMP, Inc.
Consultant, Lecturer and Author
Former US Air Force Captain and Commander
Multiple US Military Rape and Abuse Survivor


With an undergraduate degree in criminal justice and as an ordained minister, I am well aware of both the civil, federal, international violations of law and the moral breeches of human conduct widespread within the US military. Most notably, I am very familiar with the extremely poor reactions, refusal and ignorance taken by military leadership concerning the victims of hostile environments, sexual assaults, rapes and various other abuses. The symptoms and patterns of abuse, the official and unofficial policies and laws that protect assailants over victims is clear and will be provided in this package. These are not just cases of assailants to victims ignoring well-established laws, but the ongoing allowance of this conduct and the command’s and US governments’ continual refusal to fully hold accountable assailants. My work in the field of abuse, especially military abuse includes: speaking with 14 Air Force Academy rape survivors, assisting in breaking the story and appeared on Today Show with Katie Couric, CNN Early Show with Paula Zahn, Bill O’Reilly Factor, Court TV with Catherine Crier, and Sam Donnelson radio live; interviews by Chicago Tribune, LA Times, New York Times, Denver Post, Associated Press, etc. Requested to review and provide input to the United Nations Report Special Rapporteur Radhika Coomaraswamy concerning global abuse of women, 2003; Presenter/speaker for the following events: International Conference of Psychiatrists on Sexual Offenders, Austria, 2002, International Conference of Psychiatrists on Sexual Survivors, Czech Republic 2002, and a presentation to Amnesty International Czech Republic 2002. Panel member for the East Asian Pacific Women’s Summit on US Military Abuses, Okinawa 2000, Panel member for the Women’s Feminist Majority Conference on US Military Abuses 1999, Ohio & National Coalition Against Sexual Assault, New Orleans, LA, 1998, Panel member for The Hague for Peace Conference concerning East Asian Abuses by US Military members 1998, East Asian Pacific Women’s Conference, Washington D.C. 1998, Japanese Lawyers Guild Conference 1998, Guest Speaker for numerous college and university classes and panel member to include for the John Marshal School of Law 1995.

Note A: These cases include:
· Stubbs v. US, (sexually harassed and assaulted, deceased – driven to take her own life, her assailant was given immunity)
· Colins v. US, (sexually harassed and assaulted, deceased – driven to take her own life, her assailant was given immunity)
· O’Neill v. US, (deceased – stalked, refused help by multiple commands, a friend and she were murdered by a military stalker, her commanders received immunity)
· Mackey v. US. (assaulted by two senior officers both were the complaint system, they received immunity)
· Smith v. US (raped at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, she learned that the senior leadership knew that the enlisted men were taking the women off base to rape them. Smith brought a suit against the command for not protecting her, the command was given immunity under these laws)

In the last case; Mackey v. US, the US Justice Department attorney’s in the Appeals Court stated quote “they could not bring this case to trial for national security reasons, to do so would be contrary to good order, morale and discipline in the military.” The complainant was noting that her harassment and assault while in the military was the disruption and in opposition of good order and discipline. And yet, her Colonel and Lt. Colonel assailants were given immunity.

The full text of this paper is available from Black Women’s Rape Action Project and Women Against Rape

Dorothy H. Mackey, Rev.,
Executive Director, STAAAMP, Inc.
500 Greene Tree Place
Fairborn, Ohio 45324
(937) 879-9304