Asylum from Rape

For almost four decades we have been providing self-help services for women seeking asylum from rape, domestic abuse and other sexist/racist violence. Over a third have been detained in Yarl's Wood immigration Removal Centre.  Many are mothers, some who were forced to leave their children behind when they fled for safety and some who have children born in the UK including as a result of rape.  Others are lesbian/bi who would face violence, persecution and even death .

We campaign for the rights of asylum seekers to safety and justice, and an end to detention, deportation and destitution. Rape and torture are grounds for asylum and there must be an end to the systemic sexism and structural racism women face when applying to the immigration authorities.

Together with our partners, the All African Women’s Group, we are campaigning to highlight and end the injustices women face in the asylum system, and government imposed destitution they suffer as a result.

Refuge from Rape & Destitution

We started our campaign because destitution is the most hidden of these experiences  and has particularly devastating consequences for women who are forced into dangerous and exploitative situations.  Women are less likely to sleep rough and instead have to exchange housework, childcare, and even sexual favours to survive. Thirty-five percent of destitute homeless women asylum seekers report being raped in the UK.  Children are increasingly taken away from destitute mothers and families.