About us

We campaign for justice, protection and compensation for all women and girls, including asylum seekers, who have suffered sexual, domestic and/or racist violence.  

We have won changes in the law such as making rape in marriage a crime.  We have set legal precedents such as the first private prosecution for rape, after the authorities refused to bring a rapist of two sex workers to court.  

Decades of grassroots campaigning for justice enabled movements like #MeToo.  In recent years we have been working with the Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union to campaign against sexual harassment in the hospitality and food industries.  Women on low pay or zero-hours contracts, single mums, or immigrants with insecure immigration status are most vulnerable to attacks by employers and landlords, but also by customers and colleagues.  Abusers count on our silence, we are afraid to lose our job, our home, our children.  But change is coming.

What we stand for

We demand:

  • Thorough investigations and prosecutions of rape and domestic abuse.
  • The restoration of welfare, legal and support services.
  • No more destitution.  Austerity cuts make us more vulnerable to violence and cut off our escape routes.
  • End the prosecution and detention of women and children who report rape or domestic abuse.
  • Asylum from rape – close detention centres. 
  • Protest victims of domestic violence and stop taking our children – give mums help and resources instead.
  • Stop belittling the rape of children by labelling it ‘child abuse’.
  • Prosecute violent men including in the home, in workplaces, institution especially those in positions of authority, and those who cover for them.
  • Decriminalise sex work and prioritize safety and protection.
  • Compensation for all survivors of sexual violence – stop using our convictions to refuse compensation for rape.