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Women Against Rape (WAR) is a grassroots multi-racial women’s group founded in 1976 and based at the Crossroads Women’s Centre in London.

We provide rights information, support and advocacy. We take up individual cases on the basis of collective self-help. We campaign for justice, protection and compensation for all women and girls who have suffered sexual, domestic and/or racist violence. This includes survivors of any age, race and nationality, asylum seekers, women with disabilities, trans women, sex workers.

We have won changes in the law such as making rape in marriage a crime. We have set legal precedents such as the first private prosecution for rape, after the authorities refused to bring a rapist of two sex workers to court.

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Report on poverty & violence, July 2021.
Report on women's resistance in detention, 2005-2015.
Justice is your right. Self Help tools for survivors.

We know this is a very difficult time for many people. We are responding to calls and emails, although it may take us a bit longer than usual. If you are suffering domestic violence or rape please call the police if it’s an emergency on 999.

You can call the 24-hour Domestic Violence helpline on 0808 2000 247 for help with urgent accommodation and other issues.

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UN Rapporteur submission: Evidence to Reem Alsalem on Violence Against Women

By WomenAgainstRape | 20 March 2024

Evidence to Reem Alsalem UN Rapporteur on Violence Against Women & Girls In this paper we draw from our experiences as a grassroots organisation and from published facts and research. We focus on the following areas of interest outlined in the Rapporteur’s Call for Evidence: access to the law, and redress, legal protection that prevents perpetrators repeating …

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What OFSTED needs to know about CAFCASS

By WomenAgainstRape | 20 March 2024

Submission from Support Not Separation, Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign & Women Against Rape to OFSTED re its inspection of CAFCASS. Together we have worked for decades with mothers fighting to keep their children (Legal Action for Women was founded in 1982). In the last 10 years a growing movement of mothers, especially single mothers, struggling …

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Submission to the Special Rapporteur – Custody cases, violence against women and violence against children

By WomenAgainstRape | 20 March 2024

Issued jointly by Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign, Support Not Separation and Women Against Rape, March 2024. We are very glad that the Special Rapporteur is carrying out this consultation. We have worked for many decades with mothers fighting to keep their children (Legal Action for Women was founded in 1982). In the last 10 years a growing …

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Response to Ministry of Justice Review of Civil Legal Aid

By BWRAP | 21 February 2024

Response to Ministry of Justice Review of Civil Legal Aid Summary: The crisis in legal aid and its impact on some of the most vulnerable members of our society is not being monitored by government agencies responsible for providing effective access to justice. The results of the crisis, some of which we have described above, …

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In the media: Guardian article quotes Women Against Rape

By WomenAgainstRape | 28 November 2023

Ron Evans will be sentenced at the Old Bailey on Thursday. Killer known as ‘Clifton rapist’, 82, sexually assaulted woman after release. Ron Evans, who spent more than 50 years in prison, assaulted woman he befriended at drop-in centre after he was freed in 2018 A killer and rapist who spent more than half a century …

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Christmas Appeal 2023 for destitute women asylum seekers

By WomenAgainstRape | 22 November 2023

Christmas Appeal 2023 for destitute women asylum seekers Dear friends, Each year as Christmas approaches, Legal Action for Women organises an appeal for destitute women and children in All African Women’s Group (AAWG) – the self-help group of women asylum seekers based with us at the Crossroads Women’s Centre, the charity running the Centre, is administering the …

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In the media: We ran for our lives, now the Home Office has the power of life or death over us

By WomenAgainstRape | 5 July 2023

Excellent article published by Bail for Immigration Detainees “On International Women’s Day, a member of All African Women’s Group shares their exhausting battle to claim asylum & access legal advice in the UK – three months later she’s still struggling to find a lawyer.” Read it in full here by clicking on the image below.

In the media: Letters to the Canary – Against Scotland’s proposed rule to exclude juries from rape trials.

By WomenAgainstRape | 1 July 2023

Scotland removing juries from rape trials? I strongly disagree with the proposal to take away juries from rape trials in Scotland because of my own experiences. In 2005, my 15-year-old daughter was raped and it went to trial in 2006. The police investigation was incompetent and they lost vital evidence. For example, it came to light during …

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In the media: The fight for justice goes on – Letter in Camden New Journal

By BWRAP | 18 May 2023

The fight for justice goes on, Letter in Camden New Journal Thank you for raising the question “Can the Met be trusted with their new powers?” From our experience as organisations campaigning for protection and justice, the answer is a resounding No. But we must ask, why is an institution found to be institutionally racist, …

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Lisa Longstaff from WAR on BBC Radio London

By WomenAgainstRape | 6 April 2023

Lisa Longstaff from WAR on BBC Radio London 9:20am, 6 April 2023, interviewed by Kath Melandri, on the latest progress report by Sir Mark Rowley, Commissioner of the Met Police, on rape and domestic abuse by Met officers.