A victim of crime can get compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). Our campaign for fairer compensation has spelled out the main ways the CICA discriminates against rape victims.

Over the last few years, we have developed a network of survivors who are fighting for their compensation and want to campaign together.

Some of our demands have been won, such as ending the ‘Same Roof Rule‘ (which had denied an award to victims abused by someone who lived under the Same Roof as their attacker before 1979). And there have been some improvements made to prevent CICA ruling that underage victims had consented to sex when it was rape.

CICA must be changed:

  • Stop refusing compensation to victims who have criminal convictions.
  • Don’t penalise victims who delay reporting crimes to police.
  • Extend the time limit to claim (currently two years).
  • Stop penalising victims for not co-operating with a prosecution.
  • Recognise that victims withdraw due to trauma, intimidation or hostility by their attacker or by police . . . Police testimony is invariably valued over the victim’s, despite their prejudices.
  • Raise the amounts granted for rape and sexual abuse.
  • Stop re-traumatising victims in the application process. Speed up decisions.
  • Stop hostile intimidating questions at appeal hearings, often using outdated rape myths that blame victims for rape. Make legal aid and other help available so victims can get help.

What you can do . . .

  • Share our campaign materials.
  • Write to the media to expose the injustices against victims of sexual violence in the Compensation Scheme.
  • Contact us to get involved in the campaign.