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“I kept silent about domestic violence for 19 years.  Now I am putting it for the first time.”

“They are independent when a lot of groups rely on hand outs from the police and will toe the line they are told. They feel more like friends than support workers from a group, so it is a more caring and personal service, which helps emotionally. They will go the extra mile such as visiting me in prison, they are not a faceless organisation.”

“On a personal level they were the best (of many) organisations I turned to for help. Could not be more grateful. It’s a maze and no one knows what to do in this situation, the WAR are good and forward looking.”

“I remember when I first got in touch in 2019 and spoke to you, I could not believe that people like you existed! To have someone experienced, understanding our situation, believing us, not charging us anything and giving practical, vital advice.”

“A fantastic self-help guide as it made me to understand the various stages of the asylum process, how to make my case stronger, how to contact my MP and how to stop my flight. . .I did not have any lawyer to represent me, but WAR support letters acted as a lawyer. I felt like I had something new when I went to court because the system was too cruel.”

“Learnt it wasn’t just happening to me.”

“We want to offer our thanks and support to Women against Rape and Legal Action for Women for their briefings on the Domestic Abuse Bill and for all the energy going in to publicising and being active in the process of this crucial legislation. So many of us therapists have worked not only with women experiencing domestic abuse, both currently and in their past, but also with adults who were exposed to violence as children, and we are very aware of the deep and lasting damage caused by violent fathers.”

“Thank you so much for that eloquent, thoughtful, moving interview.  After I taught the class, a half-dozen of women came up to thank me for it.”

 “Women Against Rape is a lifeline. You’re helping me understand my legal rights, and give pushback where police are overstepping their authority. You’ve articulated the issues, putting words to injustices that I have felt but been unable to articulate. While police are busy closing ranks and even empathising with the abuser, you’ve offered empathy and support for the victim. When I feel terribly alone holding the police accountable for a botched and inadequate rape investigation, you’ve offered guidance.”

“I was fighting for a criminal injuries award to help me rebuild my shattered life. The effects of my unresolved rape case were devastating. I became reclusive, unable to trust anyone, let alone have relationships. I suffered at work without realising the real cause. I became filled with trust after the first phone call. A delightful lady who had suffered as I had and had won compensation helped me. Their combined strength, their belief in me and my case, took me to successfully appeal against a decision made six years before.  They even accompanied me to the appeal hearing. I could not have achieved this on my own. God bless you all WAR.” 

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