Sexual abuse at work is at last beginning to be tackled.

We have been campaigning together with the Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union (fast food and hospitality workers) to end it. Low pay, zero hours contracts and the lack of benefits available make us particularly vulnerable to abusive employers, colleagues and customers. Job precarity and risk of worsening poverty and homelessness make it much harder for women to speak out and get help for fear their family will go under. Single mothers, women with insecure immigration status and younger women are often also seen as disposable and are targeted for abuse.


Decades of campaigning by organisations like ours and individuals who fought back have enabled global movements to grow like #MeToo and win some visibility and protection.

This has strengthened many women workers to speak out including in low paid jobs. In the US there have been widespread strikes by abuse survivors, particularly at McDonalds.

What you can do

Find out your rights and get a trusted friend to help you take action.

  • Contact your union to get help to take up your case. Union support may also be called on if you suffer domestic abuse at home.
  • Get in touch with WAR. Let’s build a strong movement together to end sexual violence everywhere. Let employers and their friends in high places know they will not get away with it any more. You’re not alone and you don’t have to put up with it!

More about our work with the Bakers Union

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Jail Rapists Not Survivors, meeting in Parliament, 2014
  • WAR speaking at the BFAWU annual conference, 2019
  • Bakers Union launches sexual harassment campaign supported by our sisters at WAR
  • Report in The Caterer

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