Event: Protest outside the sentencing hearing of serial police rapist David Carrick

Stop police impunity.
Stop arming police rapists, racists & murderers.
Stop increasing the power of corrupt police forces over the public –
NO Public Order Bill!

When: 9am Monday 6 February 2023,

Where: Join us outside Southwark Crown Court, 1 English Grounds, London SE1 2HU. (Hearing time and date are confirmed.)

Police Everywhere

Former police officer David Carrick, a serial rapist and torturer of women over two decades, is to be sentenced after pleading guilty to 49 serious charges. He was given a uniform and a gun, despite being reported for serious violence at least nine times. Still, he was promoted to the elite armed Diplomatic Protection Unit where officer Wayne Couzens, who kidnapped, raped & murdered Sarah Everard, also worked.

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Since Sarah Everard’s murder, and the obscene police selfies taken with the bodies of murdered sisters Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman, a women’s movement which had been demanding justice against rape and domestic violence for decades burst onto the streets, encouraged by the international Black Lives Matter movement. Even women officers and wives and partners of male officers who were also raped and assaulted, and threatened with having their children taken from them in punishment for disobedience, spoke out.

This women’s movement is calling out misogyny and other institutional violence and illegality by the police – racism, homophobia, ableism, class prejudice, corruption… – which affect first of all those of us who are women or children of colour and/or asylum seekers and/or disabled and/or sex workers and/or queer/trans and/or in mixed race families…

While the head of the Met says he intends to root out corruption, the government wants to give police even more powers to stop us protesting under the Public Order Bill.

We say NO!

Women Against Rape  &  Women of Colour Global Women’s Strike

>>> Read more here about our protests and the media coverage around the sentencing of David Carrick.