Government says rape victims are “not vulnerable” to deny asylum seekers legal representation

12 July 2004

Correspondence between government Minister David Lammy and Black Women’s Rape Action Project & Women Against Rape published in The Guardian Letters page Erosion of asylum rights Monday July 12, 2004, The Guardian, Letters Rape survivors are vulnerable and find it difficult, often impossible, to speak about the violence they have suffered. The law acknowledges this, …

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Statement: Legal precedent for rape victimes seeking asylum

9 December 1997

We call for an official recognition of rape victims’ suffering. Ms G fled Uganda in 1989 following multiple attacks of rape and violence she suffered from soldiers. Here is the statement issued by Black Women’s Rape Action Project which marks an important legal precedent for rape survivors seeking asylum …

10 September 1997

A wife has made legal history by successfully suing her husband for damages after he raped her. Husbands have been successfully criminally prosecuted for raping their wives, but lawyers believe that is the first time that a civil action for rape has been won.

Home office accepts rape ordeal as grounds for asylum

14 June 1996

A Kurdish women raped by Turkish police has been given UK asylum. As reported in the Hampstead and Highgate Express in June 1996, the overturning of the Home Office’s original ruling was an important moment in legal history.

Prostitute wins compensation

19 March 1996

In the media: The Guilty Victim, Rape and the CPS

26 October 1995

Two prostitute women set legal precedent by bringing and winning prosecution for rape. As reported in the Socialist Lawyer in 1995, after the CPS originally dropped the case, Christopher Davies was finally found guilty of raping and assaulting the two women.

Rapist jailed in private prosecution

20 September 1995

In the media: Private case brings rapist to justice

18 May 1995

Prostitutes succeed with prosecution after CPS refuses to pursue attacker for lack of evidence. As reported in the Guardian, two sex workers made legal history with the first private prosecution for rape in an English court. Read the full article here below.

Press release: In defending Sammy Davis, women defend themselves against rape

2 December 1994

This victory makes legal history. However, it is now urgent that the Home Secretary allows Mr Davis to return back to the UK.

Articles: on the fight for compensation

20 December 1992

Campaigning for compensation for rape – collage of articles.