In the media: Wives win the right to say no

14 March 1991

Historic ruling as judges say husbands can be guilty of rape The centuries old English legal principle that a man cannot be guilty of raping his wife was finally swept aside in the Court of Appeal, as reported in the Evening Standard, March 1991.

In the media: Judge breaks new ground in law on marital rape

31 July 1990

In the media: Legal history was made as a man was jailed for attempting to raping his wife This case breaks new ground in the law of rape – as reported in The Independent, July 1990.

In the media: Compensation victory for Women Against Rape

6 March 1990

Home office agrees to compensate women who have a child as a result of rape A tremendous victory reported in the Caribbean Times, March 1990. WAR have fought for 13 years for this measure…

Article: Police rapist gets seven years

14 November 1989

Article: Police rapist gets seven years October 12, PC Peter Anderson was found guilty of raping a young Black woman in Surrey whilst on duty. Anderson, relying on racist, sexist stereotypes to mislead the jury claimed that the woman had handed him ‘sex on a plate.’

Article: US doctor punished for assault

8 August 1987

Article: US doctor punished for assault The Revoke License to Rape Campaign (RLR) in the United States has won a major victory: Dr Samual Lyness, charged with sexual assault by seven women patients, was found guilty on six counts and his license suspended for five years…

Press release: Victory for Esme Baker

25 October 1982

Today at Walthamstow Magistrates Court Mrs Esme Baker, a West Indian women, and her two sons were found not guilty of assault, threatening behaviour and obstructing the Police, which was a victory in the campaign against rape and violence.

Stop the threatened deportation of Najat Chafee

5 May 1982

Stop the threatened deportation of Najat Chafee Letter of support to the Home Office.