TEST: Submissions

Evidence to MoJ Review of Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme

9 October 2020

Evidence to MoJ Review of Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme The denial of compensation to victims of sexual offences with criminal convictions is a scandal. Survivors in our network have been denied what should be an unquestionable entitlement for the violent crimes committed against them. We are outraged that the MOJ omits this rule from the …

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Domestic Abuse Bill in Parliament

23 July 2020

See our latest short film: STOP the Family Courts aiding and abetting domestic abuse. Made by WAR & Support Not Separation. We are lobbying for the Domestic Abuse Bill to: recognise that domestic abuse victims are mostly women; provide vital resources so women and children can escape; extend all protections and resources to immigrant women …

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17 July 2020

DOMESTIC ABUSE BILL BRIEFING TO HOUSE OF LORDS The Domestic Abuse Bill is due for second reading in the House of Lords followed by Committee stage, when amendments can be put. We don’t know the date for either of these yet (watch this space) but we will be sending this briefing to some members of …

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Briefing 4: Report Stage Domestic Abuse Bill

3 July 2020

Briefing 4: Report Stage Domestic Abuse Bill From Women Against Rape and Support Not Separation REPORT STAGE DOMESTIC ABUSE BILL, Monday 6 July We daily work with mothers who have suffered domestic violence and are fighting in the family court to protect their children from abusive fathers. Our experiences of sexism, racism, class and other …

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24 June 2020

25 June: Oppose amendment proposed by Jess Phillips MP which would include children in the definition of victims of domestic abuse.   We are inundated with cases of mothers who’ve suffered domestic violence fighting in the family court to protect their children from abusive fathers.  Based on our experience over many years, we are very concerned …

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Women’s group urges Parliament to reject ‘misogynistic’ MP’s amendments to Domestic Abuse Bill

15 June 2020

Morning Star, 9 June 2020 Lamiat Sabin A WOMEN’S rights group called on Parliament today to reject “wrecking amendments” to the Domestic Abuse Bill proposed by Tory MP Philip Davies, who they say has a “misogynistic” record. The Shipley MP has said that attempts to use a child as a “weapon” by keeping them away …

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Investigation into violent fathers using allegations of “parental alienation” in the family courts

10 June 2020

Further to the Briefing by Women Against Rape & Support Not Separation (8 June) to the Domestic Abuse Bill Committee. Legal Action for Women, which coordinates the Support Not Separation Coalition, holds regular self-help meetings with mothers fighting to protect their children. In our self-help meeting last week, six women came together to discuss how …

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8 June 2020

on behalf of Women Against Rape and the Support Not Separation Coalition Submitted to Public Bill Committee, 8 June 2020 Women Against Rape (WAR) is a multi-racial women’s organisation founded in 1976. It provides support, advocacy and information in individual cases. It campaigns for justice, protection and compensation for all women and girls, including asylum …

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BRIEFING 1: Domestic Abuse Bill does not go far enough:

3 June 2020

Women and children are entitled to resources and to family courts that support victims not violent men. The Domestic Abuse Bill is in Committee from Thursday 4 June, where they will discuss amendments.  We are urging MPs to give women and children more protection. The Bill must go further in three key areas: 1.     It …

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Model letter to MPs on the Domestic Abuse Bill Committee

2 June 2020

Find out if your MP is a member of the committee below. Dear [INSERT the name of your MP] I am one of your constituents and am very concerned about the Domestic Abuse Bill now in Committee. I have personal experience of the sexism in the family courts.  I was a victim of abuse by …

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