URGENT: women oppose Police Crime Sentencing & Courts Bill & Nationality & Borders Bill

Update: National Day of Action

Join WAR & Women of Colour GWS at the London protest against both the Police Bill and the Nationality & Borders Bill, meet 12 noon, Lincolns Inn Fields WC2A 3TL. Two planned protests have merged, check here for updates.

Lincolns meet

Let’s act now to stop the government’s nasty amendments to this already repressive Police Bill. Press Labour to vote against, not to abstain. The Green Party is opposing the Bill in the Lords, next debate: Mon 17 January. More info in our Action Alert below.


The Lords are voting on the Police Bill on 10, 12 & 17 January. It’s the most repressive legislation most of us have ever seen. Despite widespread exposure of police sexual and racist abuses of power and widespread opposition, the government has added new oppressive amendments. They must be defeated.

Women will be hit hard as we are at the forefront of peaceful direct actions vs rape & domestic violence; poverty; the climate emergency; Black Lives Matter; Gypsy, Roma & Travellers’ rights; family campaigns vs death in custody & racist murders; stop & search; sexist family courts; sexist, racist, anti-working-class policing; the Palestinian-led BDS movement … Read more

What's in the Bill?

  • New police powers to criminalise protests which are ‘noisy’, ‘annoying’, cause ‘obstruction’, ‘trespass’ and ‘nuisance’.
  • Criminalising Gypsy, Roma & Traveller communities.
  • Curfews and more stop and search - which already affects nine times more Black people than white people.
  • Legally oblige workers in healthcare, schools, youth services, to work with police to ‘predict crime’.
  • Longer and mandatory sentences, even for children.

Recently in the media . . .

What can you do?

Contact the Lords this week - urge them to vote against the Bill and particularly the new amendments 148-159, and Part 3 (on Public Order). Tell them why you don’t want the government must be stopped from turning the UK into a police state. Digital Rebellion has a useful form here - hit the button ACT NOW for contact details of Lords to lobby.

Police Everywhere

When the Bill comes back to the Commons. Write to your local MP (find their name & email here). and especially to Yvette Cooper and Keir Starmer who hold sway over how Labour Lords and MPs vote.

See the Greens online action pack with ideas for various protests

Raise the alarm: Write to your local press, and use social media to alert people about this Bill, and join protests.

The government is also undermining judicial review and the Human Rights Act, to stop us challenging the abuse of state power. The Nationality and Borders Bill would enable them to deport people who disagree with the government, even if we have British citizenship and the right to be here. It would also make it impossible for rape survivors to get asylum in the UK, unless they speak to border officials immediately about the torture they suffered.

Don’t be someone who says in 10 years’ time, “I regret I didn’t take action
when it was still legal.” Silence = complicity