Video: Press launch of our petition "Stop denying compensation to victims of sexual assault"

Victims of rape and sexual assault are being denied compensation just because we have a minor criminal conviction.

This outrageous discrimination has deprived 895 sexual assault victims of any award.

SIGN THE PETITION, and circulate it widely.  Let’s press the government to change the compensation policy on criminal convictions.

Victims not co-operating with a prosecution must not be penalized. Victims are often persecuted by police and this causes them to withdraw after reporting. They must not be penalized, as it is often due to trauma, intimidation or hostility by their attacker or by police . . . It must be investigated so that women are not discouraged from applying, as is their right. Police testimony is often valued over the victim’s, despite their well-documented prejudices like sexism, racism . . . The amounts granted for rape and sexual abuse must be raised, we demand a higher value on sex crimes (eg the rape award is just £11,000, but this crime can injure your whole life).

Victims must not be re-traumatised in the application process. Decisions must be sped up. Hostile intimidating questions should not be asked at appeal hearings, often using outdated rape myths that blame victims for rape. It is outrageous that even those whose attacker was convicted can be invasively questioned by the CICA. Compensation is every victim’s right. Make legal aid and other help available so victims can get help. It’s unfair that at appeal hearings we are unrepresented against a CICA lawyer, or if we get a lawyer they take up to 25% of our award. The time limit to apply for compensation must be extended to five years (currently two years). Victims who delay reporting crimes to police late must not be penalised.

Please SIGN THE PETITION and help us circulate it and our video widely.

15 December 2021