Evidence from Women Against Rape to Ministry of Justice Review of Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme, October 2020

Evidence from Women Against Rape to Ministry of Justice Review of Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme, October 2020 The denial of compensation to victims of sexual offences with criminal convictions is a scandal. Survivors in our network have been denied what should be an unquestionable entitlement for the violent crimes committed against them. We are outraged … Read more

Government announces Same Roof victims can re-apply for compensation

See government press release here. Congratulations everyone who campaigned for this change – what a wonderful if very belated victory for grassroots claimants /campaigners! It seems that the government has decided not to make people wait for the end of their Review of the Compensation Scheme after all. That’s good as the uncertainty has been … Read more

Government announces scrapping of ‘same roof’ rule

This government press release was published on 28 Feb 2019, a victory for all those who campaigned against the discriminatory rules of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/access-to-compensation-scheme-for-victims-who-lived-with-their-attacker The ‘same roof’ rule had been used to deny compensation to anyone who had been sexually attacked before 1979 by someone living in the same house (for … Read more

Government announces review of CICA rules

MINISTRY OF JUSTICE ANNOUNCES REVIEW OF COMPENSATION RULES ON SEXUAL OFFENCES – a VICTORY for grassroots campaigners! “Nobody should be made to feel worthless as you do when you get a compensation refusal letter.” The announcement 9-10 September (see https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-45462128) from the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) that there will be a review of the Criminal … Read more

Same Roof Rule is finally defeated, overturning decades of injustice

Victims of sexual violence win Appeal Court victory A landmark Appeal Court ruling on 24 July 2018 has reversed decades of injustice, upholding for the first time a claimant’s right to compensation even though she lived under the same roof as her attacker at the time. The Appeal Court decided that the woman, identified as … Read more

Press Release: Criminal injuries compensation awards – rules designed to exclude rape victims

PRESS RELEASE . . . PRESS RELEASE . . . PRESS RELEASE . . . PRESS Women Against Rape says hundreds of vulnerable victims of rape and other sexual offences are denied statutory help as a result of rules designed to exclude as many victims as possible from compensation. The new figures we release today … Read more

Open Letter for compensation to Secretary of Justice

Rt Hon. David Gauke Secretary of State for Justice   6 June 2018 Dear David Gauke We collectively represent the experience and demands of thousands of survivors of rape, domestic violence and sex crimes suffered as children or adults. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme is discriminating against victims of sexual crimes – even in some … Read more