In the media: Guardian article quotes Women Against Rape

Ron Evans will be sentenced at the Old Bailey on Thursday. Killer known as ‘Clifton rapist’, 82, sexually assaulted woman after release. Ron Evans, who spent more than 50 years in prison, assaulted woman he befriended at drop-in centre after he was freed in 2018 A killer and rapist who spent more than half a century …

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In the media: We ran for our lives, now the Home Office has the power of life or death over us

Excellent article published by Bail for Immigration Detainees “On International Women’s Day, a member of All African Women’s Group shares their exhausting battle to claim asylum & access legal advice in the UK – three months later she’s still struggling to find a lawyer.” Read it in full here by clicking on the image below.

In the media: Letters to the Canary: Against Scotland’s proposed rule to exclude juries from rape trials.

Scotland removing juries from rape trials? I strongly disagree with the proposal to take away juries from rape trials in Scotland because of my own experiences. In 2005, my 15-year-old daughter was raped and it went to trial in 2006. The police investigation was incompetent and they lost vital evidence. For example, it came to light during …

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Lisa Longstaff from WAR on BBC Radio

Lisa Longstaff from WAR on BBC Radio London 9:20am, 6 April 2023, interviewed by Kath Melandri, on the latest progress report by Sir Mark Rowley, Commissioner of the Met Police, on rape and domestic abuse by Met officers.

Press: London Police officer sentenced to Life for Rape and Sexual Abuse.

Press: David Carrick had pleaded guilty to 49 crimes against 12 women in the latest case to cast a harsh spotlight on the Metropolitan Police.  Activists gathering for a protest outside Southwark Crown Court in London on Monday during the sentencing trial of David Carrick, a former police officer.Credit…Wiktor Szymanowicz/Anadolu Agency, via Getty Images New …

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Press: Scrap plans to give cops more power, say women as David Carrick is jailed for life.

Scrap plans to give cops more power, say women as David Carrick jailed for life.  By Anita Mureithi for Open Democracy.  7 February 2023. A Met officer has been locked up for dozens of rapes. Yet Suella Braverman’s priority is clamping down on protesters. Protesters gather outside Southwark Crown Court for the sentencing of serial …

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Press: Survivors of childhood abuse campaign for compensation

Survivors of childhood abuse campaign for compensation NADJA, by Leila Hawkins 15/07/2022 Read on NADJA site here People who have experienced childhood abuse in the UK are being denied compensation by a punitive law. Survivors are now campaigning to change this. When *Lucy was 11 years old her grandfather began sexually abusing her. For the …

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Press: How police are failing to protect women

How UK police are failing to protect women NADJA newsletter asked WAR to write this article. To see it published on NADJA’s site click here 09/07/2022 Lisa Longstaff from Women Against Rape writes about how the UK police force is enabling an epidemic of violence against women.  In June a partially leaked report revealed that …

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