In the media: Letter to the Canary – Against Scotland’s proposed rule to exclude juries from rape trials

Scotland removing juries from rape trials? I strongly disagree with the proposal to take away juries from rape trials in Scotland because of my own experiences. In 2005, my 15-year-old daughter was raped and it went to trial in 2006. The police investigation was incompetent and they lost vital evidence. For example, it came to light during …

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Statement: Legal precedent for rape victimes seeking asylum

We call for an official recognition of rape victims’ suffering. Ms G fled Uganda in 1989 following multiple attacks of rape and violence she suffered from soldiers. Here is the statement issued by Black Women’s Rape Action Project which marks an important legal precedent for rape survivors seeking asylum …

Women against rape: An introduction and statement of aims

Women against rape: An introduction and statement of aims. More than ever before the front pages of our newspapers are reporting cases of rape. Married or single, young, old or still a child, whatever her race or class – every women knows it could happen to her….