In the media: High court rules in favour of rape victim who retracted accusation under duress

Woman known as Sarah has compensation increased after she made allegation against husband before changing her mind, under pressure from him. Lisa Longstaff from Women Against Rape (War), which made written submissions to the judge, said: “Sarah finally got some justice! CICA rules are applied in a sexist and uncompassionate way, and War is one …

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Stop the threatened removal of Janipher Maseko, breastfeeding mother with two babies

Update: Following a wave of public outrage against the Home Office, social services and SERCO Ms Janipher Maseko, was told that she and her children are to be released. Ms Janipher Maseko, aged 18, who had fled rape and violence in Uganda and sought asylum in the UK four years ago as an unaccompanied minor, …

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Statement: Legal precedent for rape victimes seeking asylum

We call for an official recognition of rape victims’ suffering. Ms G fled Uganda in 1989 following multiple attacks of rape and violence she suffered from soldiers. Here is the statement issued by Black Women’s Rape Action Project which marks an important legal precedent for rape survivors seeking asylum …

In the media: The Guilty Victim, Rape and the CPS

Two prostitute women set legal precedent by bringing and winning prosecution for rape. As reported in the Socialist Lawyer in 1995, after the CPS originally dropped the case, Christopher Davies was finally found guilty of raping and assaulting the two women.