Statement: Amnesty from deportation, access to health, housing and food

Amnesty from Deportation, Access to Health, Housing and Food SIGN THE PETITION HERE An Open Letter to the Prime Minister of the UK and the Taoiseach of Ireland cc:   UK Home Secretary and UK Health Secretary, Irish Health Secretary and Irish Minister for Justice and Equality, All UK MPs, All Members of the Irish Parliament …

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Asylum From Rape Bulletin – Summer 2007

Misjudging Asylum, Rape and Detention – 17 July 2007 John Mc Donnell MP and Lord Avebury hosted a packed meeting in the House of Commons which brought together women asylum seekers, MPs, Lords, lawyers, community and breastfeeding activists and other supporters to highlight the obstacles rape survivors face in getting their claims recognized. WAR’s speaker …

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In the media: The Guilty Victim, Rape and the CPS

Two prostitute women set legal precedent by bringing and winning prosecution for rape. As reported in the Socialist Lawyer in 1995, after the CPS originally dropped the case, Christopher Davies was finally found guilty of raping and assaulting the two women.