At a recent All African Women’s Group meeting, the chair asked whether any women in the group had experience of being forced to sign to return to their country of origin or knew of others that had been. What we found out that many women had been taken into back rooms, in detention or when … Read more


The hunger strike of over 40 women in Yarl’s Wood IRC which started on Monday night in protest at eight women being taken from detention and forced onto a charter flight back to Nigeria, has been suspended. Four women (and one woman’s partner) DID NOT FLY.  But shamefully the Home Office deported two women with … Read more

2010: Why women in Yarl’s Wood went on hunger strike (transcript)

2010: Why women in Yarl’s Wood went on hunger strike (transcript)   M: Some of the hunger strikers said there were meetings of about 20 women who discussed organising it and that they organised across the wings because Avocet started, and women from Bunting and Dove who were working for SERCO selling food noticed no … Read more

Submission to Home Affairs Committee Immigration Detention Inquiry

Black Women’s Rape Action Project (BWRAP) was founded in 1991. Women Against Rape (WAR) was founded in 1976. Together the two organisations have worked closely with women in detention, particularly in Yarl’s Wood IRC, over many years documenting the traumatic impact of rape and other violence on women’s asylum and immigration cases and helping women … Read more

We are here because . . .

We are here because . . . . . .  is an inspiring and moving collection of online video and other testimonies, filmed, recorded, edited and produced by Black/women of colour, – many are are active members of All African Women’s Group a self-help group of women asylum seekers. Together with volunteers all the testimonies were … Read more