• I'm writing to ask you as my MP to oppose the Nationality and Borders Bill or
  • I’m writing to thank you for opposing the Nationality and Borders Bill.

I am upset and horrified at this Bill which will to make it even more difficult for people who are fleeing for their lives to get safety and protection in the UK.


The Home Secretary has claimed that this new law is needed to ensure that women and children aren’t disadvantaged, but the truth is that it will make it harder for everyone to pursue their right to claim asylum.

I am particularly concerned that people trying to come to the UK who are fleeing rape and other torture, war and armed conflicts, will not be entitled to full protections under the Refugee Convention.

Fast-tracking applications and preventing people from gathering evidence of what they have suffered means people will be deported back to persecution and even death without having had a fair hearing. Over 70% of women claiming asylum have fled rape. The resulting trauma and discrimination makes it hard to speak about this but if they delay they could be denied the right to make a claim.

When asylum claims are unjustly closed women are left destitute and vulnerable to exploitation and further violence. Destitution is widespread; a recent survey found 48% of women asylum seekers had no income at all.

People are forced to cross borders to escape death. By increasing detention, fast tracking applications and arbitrarily deciding that some people are not eligible to even apply for asylum, the Nationality and Borders Bill will deny people who are fleeing for their lives, a place of safety.

I urge you to continue to strongly oppose this bill. OR

I urge you to please represent my views in parliament and oppose this bill.

Please see a statement from Global Women Against Deportations, a coalition which includes a group of women asylum seekers and refugees who have first-hand experience of applying for protection and safety in the UK.

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