Up from Destitution, a survey of women seeking asylum and making immigration applications in the UK, has found that 60% of participants are living on an income so low that they are classified as officially destitute. Two-thirds of women have suffered rape or domestic violence.

The survey investigates why women are destitute and the answers are an indictment of the UK’s racist hostile immigration environment, institutionalised sexism especially in the treatment of rape survivors and a callous disregard for the situation of mothers with children.

The survey is timely as the government proposes new legislation, the Nationality and Borders Bill which will make it easier for the government to deport everyone, including women and children, no matter what persecution, war, starvation or environmental devastation they are fleeing from. It will enshrine in law some of the worst of the government’s enforced destitution policies.

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▶ ACTION ALERT: OPPOSE THE NATIONALITY & BORDERS BILL. The Nationality and Borders Bill undermines everyone’s right to claim asylum, protection and safety. 

▶ See more on our Refuge from Rape & Destitution blog about our campaigns to highlight and end the injustices women face in the asylum system, and the government imposed destitution women suffer as a result.


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