The Nationality and Borders Bill undermines everyone’s right to claim asylum, protection and safety.

It introduces a two-tier system so that regardless of what horrors people are fleeing from they will be first of all judged on the way they arrived in the UK. Anyone arriving by a so-called illegal route would be penalized.  People fleeing for their lives to escape war, rape and other violence, starvation and environmental devastation can’t wait to be invited to travel via a “legal” route – and it is a fallacy as there are virtually no legal routes into the UK.

People could be turned back by border force officials while out at sea – it is estimated that 1,500 people drowned in the Mediterranean in 2020 – how many bodies will wash up on English beaches if this “push back” policy is implemented.

People could be put in detention immediately on arrival and denied the right to even claim asylum or their claim will be fast-tracked leaving little time to get legal representation, gather evidence and get a fair hearing. They could be at risk of being removed at any time while their claim is being decided and will get only “temporary protection status” if it succeeds.  It will be harder to appeal a refusal of an asylum claim which means that even rape survivors will be expected to speak about all that has happened to them immediately on arrival.  People will be forced to live in designated accommodation like Napier barracks, which were exposed as being unfit for human habitation, and denied financial support.

The Bill could pave the way for the Australian model of processing people’s claims overseas which was condemned for inhuman conditions and widespread rape and violence of detainees.

We urge people to write to their MP to oppose the Nationality and Borders bill. See Template letter

Please cc Priti Patel MP, Secretary of State for the Home Department &

See Statement from Global Women Against Deportations

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