What OFSTED needs to know about CAFCASS

Submission from Support Not Separation, Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign & Women Against Rape to OFSTED re its inspection of CAFCASS. Together we have worked for decades with mothers fighting to keep their children (Legal Action for Women was founded in 1982). In the last 10 years a growing movement of mothers, especially single mothers, struggling …

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Video: Stop family courts aiding & abetting domestic abuse

See our latest short film made by WAR & Support Not Separation. Amend #DABill. As a member of the Support Not Separation Coalition we are lobbying for the Bill to prevent family courts enabling violent fathers to abuse mothers and children.  See our latest Briefing to the Lords Read more from Support Not Separation Coalition

Protest: Against CAFCASS and NSPCC participation in Families Need Fathers (FNF) conference, 14 Oct

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vg9qABVVtOY FNF replied saying that they are a “reputable charity” but did not address domestic violence or any of the other issues raised.  A FNF man confronted the picket saying that ‘more children are killed by their mothers than by their fathers’. To date we have received no reply to our …

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