Family Courts on Trial – 8 March event

Please join us on 8 March, International Women’s Day. We will taking part in the speak out called by the Global Women’s Strike to put the Family Court on Trial (details below).

We have seen a massive rise in calls for help from mothers whose children are being taken into care or even adoption, when they report rape or domestic violence. They are routinely disbelieved or blamed for causing their children “emotional harm” while the perpetrators get away with it. The drive to prioritise fathers’ ‘rights’ overrides all other considerations, with violent fathers being given contact and residence. Children and mothers are being abused and even killed as a result.

Poverty imposed by austerity cuts – 86% of which have targeted women, depriving us of escape routes – is also used to accuse mothers, especially single mothers, of ‘neglect’ and take our children.

Mothers all over the UK are fighting for our rights to care for and protect our children from this child abuse by the state. Please bring your evidence.

Women Against Rape

Facebook event here. Follow us on Twitter @WomenStrike.



LUSH Human Rights Summit

LUSH Human Rights Summit February 2018 Performance: We are Here – because You are There Our interactive play has been on tour to Coventry, Sheffield & the DSEI Stop to Arms Fair. Performed by asylum seekers from the All African Women’s Group, it depicts the real life injustices faced by rape survivors and others throughout …

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International week of actions to close detention centres

Protest and Speak Out “THIS IS A PRISON NOT A HOLIDAY CAMP” International week of actions to close detention centres 15 – 21 June 2015, 12 noon to 2pm: Parliament Square, nearest tube Westminster. CLOSE YARL’S WOOD AND ALL DETENTION CENTRES! Detention without limit – Rape by guards – No healthcare – Mothers separated from their kids – Fast Track decisions …

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House of Commons event “Jail rapists not rape victims”,  2 December 2014 Women and families affected by biased rape investigations were joined by supporters in the House of Commons on Tuesday 2nd December to discuss the campaign, led by Women Against Rape (WAR) and Black Women’s Rape Action Project (BWRAP), against the prosecution and imprisonment …

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Press release: Hunger strike and sit in at Yarl’s Wood detention centre.

PLEASE TAKE ACTION IN SUPPORT OF THE HUNGER STRIKE AND SIT-IN AT YARL’S WOOD IMMIGRATION DETENTION CENTRE Picket SERCO Headquarters 22 Hand Court, Holborn, WC1V 6JF Friday 19 June 12.30-2pm Nearest Tubes: Holborn or Chancery Lane Women, children and men in the Family Unit at Yarl’s Wood IRC [1] are in the third day of …

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Press release: Highlighting the vulnerability that prostitute women and wives share.

Press release: highlighting the vulnerability that prostitute women and wives share On Thursday 21 December, St Albans Crown Court will sentence Victor Powell, found guilty of abducting and raping a prostitute woman. The English Collective of Prostitutes and Women Against Rape will hold a vigil outside the court, together with and in support of Powell’s …

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Book launch: The Rapist Who Pays The Rent – women’s case for changing the law on rape

Book launch: The Rapist Who Pays The Rent – women’s case for changing the Law on Rape. This is the handbook of the movement to make rape in marriage a crime. It also describes how rape outside marriage is dealt with by police and courts, who often support and even encourage the rapist, whether he’s …

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Parliament considers: Rape in Marriage. A Public Meeting

Parliament considers Rape in Marriage, WAR public meeting “Most people agree that marriage should be an equal relationship. How can there be equality when one partner is legally entitled to rape the other? Instead the law says that in marriage, the man is the boss and the women is his property.”