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Exhibition at Lush summit, 8 Feb 2017

14 June 2017

Layla Ibrahim film interview

14 June 2017

Support our campaign to quash Layla’s conviction – like our Layla Ibrahim is Innocent page on facebook

Erioth Mwesigwa’s case refused – more help needed

3 May 2017

Thanks to the 100s of people who wrote in support of Ms Mwesigwa, a victim of multiple rape by soldiers in Uganda, targeted because her husband, a prominent local politician, was suspected of opposing the President. Last Friday Ms Mwesigwa stopped her removal by refusing to go with the Yarl’s Wood guards when they came to take her to the airport. But the guards warned her that “next time” she would be physically forced onto the plane back to Uganda.

New Website!

28 April 2017

Welcome to We’re in the process of moving everything from over to this site, which will take some time. To find old posts and articles, please go to the old site until this has been updated and we’ll keep you updated.