Women at W.A.R

1 April 1978

Women at W.A.R. Our first publication presents personal stories.  If you really want to know about rape, read this. For the first time print, women in Britain tell of the rape they have experienced – and what they are doing to stop it.  

Summons to a Public Trial 

12 October 1977

Drawn leaflet complied by Women Against Rape calling all women to try the Judges. Summoning on charges of rape, conspiracy to rape and perpetrate violence against women, rape of justice and trespass against our bodies and our rights.

Article: When rape, like charity begins at home

15 August 1977

After publication of an article in the Guardian, a group of Women Against Rape campaign burned a copy of the issue outside the Guardian offices…

Women march in rape protest

1 July 1977

Women march in rape protest The women of Waltham forest took to the streets of London last week to demonstrate their horror at the act of rape and speak out…

Statement: Against the rape of children at home and in care

1 June 1977

Against the rape of children: at home and in care. The rape of children is common, but hidden. Often young girls and boys in dependent situations, are forced to hide what is happening and submit again and again.

Women against rape: An introduction and statement of aims

25 May 1976

Women against rape: An introduction and statement of aims. More than ever before the front pages of our newspapers are reporting cases of rape. Married or single, young, old or still a child, whatever her race or class – every women knows it could happen to her….