Child Support Act: Robbery with Violence

6 October 1994

The facts regarding the Child Support Act. Defending our rights: This act makes women more vulnerable to rape and other violence in relationships and undermines single mothers’ right to Income Support.

Response to Law Commission Consultation: Consent in the Criminal Law

5 July 1994

Consent in criminal law regarding rape prosecution.  How the proposals laid out in the paper, will further undermine women.

Letter to Granada Television: speaking out against racial stereotyping

2 June 1994

We raise concerns about the proposed TV episode of Cracker. We object to the information we gave Granada TV, based on women’s experiences and struggle, being misused to give credibility to a dangerous stereotype.

Press release: Government denies women the power to refuse domestic violence

6 April 1994

We speak out against the Governement’s Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign   This campaign, in fact, offers little or nothing in the way of services, protection, policing or resources for women in violent relationships.

Claiming compensation for rape and sexual assault

5 July 1993

Help and advise on how to claim compensation and how to appeal the court decisions

WAR press release: opposing government cuts to compensation scheme

15 May 1993

Press release on compensation: who counts and who pays?

Articles: on the fight for compensation

20 December 1992

Campaigning for compensation for rape – collage of articles.

Sexual offences amendment bill

27 October 1992

On Wednesday 28 October in the House of Commons, MP Harry Cohen will present a 10 minute Rule Bill to overhaul the rape law, based on proposals by Women Against Rape…

Rape like charity begins at home: an international anti racist perspective on violence against women

29 April 1992

Black Women for Wages for Housework contextualise rape, sexism and equality, within the Black movement Racism combines with sexism to lower further the value of Black Women’s lives, so the rape and other violence Black women face is unrecognised or disregarded, and Black women are less likely to have the economic resources or social mobility …

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Marital rape ruled illegal by law lords

24 October 1991

Marital rape ruled illegal by law lords “Wave of prosecutions will follow” front page of The Times, 24 Oct 1991 Five law lords unanimously swept away the 250-year old notion that women agree to sexual intercourse on marriage and cannot retract their consent . . . Yesterday’s judgment, in the case of a Leicester man …

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In the media: Andy Baker comments on police practise.

28 March 1991

In the media: investigating officer comments on rape in marriage and police practise and we reply back Inspector Andy Baker strives to make the case that the Met supports victim of rape and tries to refute comments concerning police practise.

In the media: Women judge the courts

22 March 1991

New Law Journal: We demand more protection for wives Women against Rape delighted about the Appeal Court ruling however, they emphasise that the fundamental issue is consent.

In the media: Brilliant, says wife

21 March 1991

In the media: Brilliant, says wife as rapist husband gets five years The first husband in England to be found guilty of raping his wife was jailed, as reported in the Daily Mail in March 1991.

In the media: Wives win the right to say no

14 March 1991

Historic ruling as judges say husbands can be guilty of rape The centuries old English legal principle that a man cannot be guilty of raping his wife was finally swept aside in the Court of Appeal, as reported in the Evening Standard, March 1991.

In the media: The rapist who pays the rent

16 November 1990

In the media: The Rapist who pays the rent Women Against Rape react to the Law Commission’s recommendation that rape in marriage should be criminalised. New Law Journal outlines the story in November, 1990.