Discrimination in law faced by survivors with disabilities

15 October 1997

Defining consent_

6 June 1997

Stop the Crime Bill

27 January 1997

Prostitute wins compensation

19 March 1996

Rapist jailed in private prosecution

20 September 1995

Cracker programme (TV) – protest racism

25 November 1994

Cut to compensation scheme – who counts and who pays?

15 May 1993

Cut to compensation: Who counts and who pays?

how victims cash is cut

20 December 1992

Sexual offences amendment bill

27 October 1992

On Wednesday 28 October in the House of Commons, MP Harry Cohen will present a 10 minute Rule Bill to overhaul the rape law, based on proposals by Women Against Rape…

Marital rape ruled illegal by law lords

24 October 1991

Marital rape ruled illegal by law lords “Wave of prosecutions will follow” front page of The Times, 24 Oct 1991 Five law lords unanimously swept away the 250-year old notion that women agree to sexual intercourse on marriage and cannot retract their consent . . . Yesterday’s judgment, in the case of a Leicester man …

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When rape, like charity begins at home

15 August 1977

After publication of an article in the Guardian, a group of Women Against Rape campaign burned a copy of the issue outside the Guardian offices…