Cut to compensation scheme – who counts and who pays?

15 May 1993

Cut to compensation: Who counts and who pays?

how victims cash is cut

20 December 1992

Sexual offences amendment bill

27 October 1992

On Wednesday 28 October in the House of Commons, MP Harry Cohen will present a 10 minute Rule Bill to overhaul the rape law, based on proposals by Women Against Rape…

Marital rape ruled illegal by law lords

24 October 1991

Marital rape ruled illegal by law lords “Wave of prosecutions will follow” front page of The Times, 24 Oct 1991 Five law lords unanimously swept away the 250-year old notion that women agree to sexual intercourse on marriage and cannot retract their consent . . . Yesterday’s judgment, in the case of a Leicester man …

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Racism is Rapism

10 November 1982

Racism is Racism In organising against rape, we have seen too often how the law works against women’s safety. The immigration laws are a prime example…  

Press release: Victory for Esme Baker

25 October 1982

Today at Walthamstow Magistrates Court Mrs Esme Baker, a West Indian women, and her two sons were found not guilty of assault, threatening behaviour and obstructing the Police, which was a victory in the campaign against rape and violence.

Stop the threatened deportation of Najaf Chafee

5 May 1982

Stop the threatened deportation of Najaf Chafee Letter to the Under – Secretary of State, Home office…

The Leveller: Making WAR on rape

9 January 1982

Making WAR on rape Rape in Marriage should be made a crime. That is the provisional recommendation of the Criminal Law Revision Committee, and is something which Women Against Rape have been campaigning about for more than five years…

Against our selves: why Women Against Rape couldn’t join a march through Soho.

14 February 1981

Against ourselves: Why Women Against Rape couldn’t join a march through Soho… Whose Night? Women Against Rape, the English Collective of Prostitutes and the Wages for Housework Campaign were unable to take part in the Nation Union of Student’s Reclaim the Night march in February 1981 and were forced to leave a planning meeting for …

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Cutback on rights – passport to rape

7 April 1979

Cutback on rights – passport to rape The new immigration proposals attach every women. The racism that Black and immigrant women (Black or white) already face stems directly from one government after another saying: “you are not welcome, don’t expect any rights.”  AND THEY MEAN IT…

Women at W.A.R

7 June 1978

Women at W.A.R – the book published and circulated…  If you really want to know rape, read this: For the first time print, women in Briton tell of the rape they have experienced – and what they are doing to stop it.  

Women march in rape protest

7 December 1977

Women march in rape protest The women of Waltham forest took to the streets of London last week to demonstrate their horror at the act of rape and speak out…

When rape, like charity begins at home

15 August 1977

After publication of an article in the Guardian, a group of Women Against Rape campaign burned a copy of the issue outside the Guardian offices…

Against the rape of children at home and in care

1 June 1977

Against the rape of children: at home and in care.

Women against rape: An introduction and statement of aims

25 May 1976

Women against rape: An introduction and statement of aims. More than ever before the front pages of our newspapers are reporting cases of rape. Married or single, young, old or still a child, whatever her race or class – every women knows it could happen to her….